Derek Ewing

I suppose it would be nice to say I always knew I wanted to do theatre; predestined to perform and direct. However, theatre kind of snuck up on me in high school after seeing a, in hindsight, typically bad high school production. However, seeing people use all their beings and talents to tell a story, transforming themselves and a space into this visceral human experience, stuck with me. He had the bug and no amount of sports involvement, debt, and those beloved student loans, was going to change that.

Speaking of which, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside receiving my BA in theatre with a concentration in acting and directing. While in Wisconsin and interning around the country, I worked with some amazingly talented people, had my behind kicked by some great mentors, and began a theatre company; opening more opportunities for the student of my alma mater.

After graduation, I moved to Minneapolis with my fiance, Jennifer Andacht, to tour the country with CLIMB theatre. Immediately, I fell in a deep and unabashed affair with this city and began my professional relationship with Urban Samurai performing in their production of A Few Good Men. After working with such a progressive company and people who were not only talented, but driven, smart, and real and accepting and the list can go on; I jumped at the opportunity to become a member of this growing company. Every day, I am learning so much from this group of artists and hard-workers. Thank you USP. I came here to get a progressive theatre company off the ground and was blessed to be ingratiated into one truly sets the bar; offering so much opportunity, and creating a theatrical product that should be reckoned with. Thank you all whom have supported Urban Samurai and all of the local arts of this great city. Though most of all, thank you, Jenny, you are inspiration and strength incarnate.